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Jon & Robert, You guys are the best, love you both!



It’s always been a pleasure working with Jon and Robert on my retouching needs. They are great to collaborate with and take the initiative to take care of the subtle details to make a beautiful image. I count on them from my basic cleanup to the more extensive composite projects. They never cease to amaze me on their quality of work and completing the project in a timely fashion. My clients have always been pleased.

Thanks guys for making my imagery look awesome!

-Jeff Sciortino

Jon Scott, The best printer on the planet!!

-Dennis Manarchy

I’ve used JS Graphics for more than a decade. They’re reliable, efficient, and affordable. Their eye for color is spot on.

-Jason Pickleman

Jon’s level of expertise is absolutely unparalleled and his imprint on my work feels like a partnership.¬†Viewers of my images consistently comment on the high quality and detail of his printmaking.

-Jack Perno

Jon & Robert, Thank you from the bottom of my heart to both of you for the great thought + care you showed.


-Ann Nathan

Jon and Robert, I always look forward to our collaborations and your consistently excellent work!

-Mark Wiens

Dear Jon, I really appreciate the great work and all the energy you put into this job – and all of the jobs you do. It is unusual to find such dedication and talent.

When JS Graphics creates our pre-press, digital files, even the most challenging images, we know the outcome is guaranteed.

-Frank Biancalana and Susan Cox

Jon, Looking Great! Thank you for your talent!



-Victor Skrebneski

  • Sandro
  • Jeff Sciortino
  • Dennis Manarchy
  • Jason Pickleman
  • Jack Perno
  • Ann Nathan
  • Mark Wiens
  • Fredda
  • Biancalana/Cox
  • Victor Skrebneski

Our Team

Jon Scott

Jon Scott


  • Master Printer 100%
  • Color Expert 100%
  • Boss 100%
  • Scotch Connoisseur 100%
Robert Rutherfoord

Robert Rutherfoord

Image Engineer

  • Retoucher 100%
  • Fine Art Printer 100%
  • Day-Saver 100%
  • Historical Fencer 100%